Sylvia Meisters pictures are poetic compositions of natural color pigments and materials with superimposed text as additional artistic material.

While her early works were influenced by the Zurich "Schule der Konkreten", where she studied from 1960 - 1966, her later works became more experimental, her style differentiated and developed.

Her artworks unfold their unique effect in the superimposition and multilayering - both on the interpretation and visual level. The typography  appears as an abstract design element. It consists of single words up to multiline, complex aphoristic and poetic fragments of sentences, as seen e.g in the James-Joyce-Series. These works have an additional "reading level" superimposed on the composition or they are constructed entirely of the text.

The superimposition and concentration in her works lends them a poetic depth and multilayering which inspires the viewer to always see anew and reinterpret.

Each viewing offers a new source of inspiration.